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Del Van Gorder School

LAST UPDATED: 07/05/99
--We're up and online! Woohoo! Not much on the site just yet, but feel free to browse around and check out the differant sections, but DON'T forget to bookmark us so you can check back later.

Welcome to the new Del Van Gorder School Website! This site is here to provide an online and interactive repository of information about school events, things happening outside of the school, fundraisers, dances and the like. Also, there'll be a section containing student-generated material, like articles, cartoons, editorials, or whatever, and you'll be able to submit it all online via this site. Or you could just give it to Malcolm Wilson, the webmaster (me!) at school sometime, and I'll put it up. There's also pages for each individual grade, for them to post pictures, poems, writings, or whatever they want! All this and more is accessable through the left-hand side nav bar you can see.

For those new to Faro and DVG, or for those visiting this site from elsewhere in the world, Del Van Gorder is a K to 12 school located in the town of Faro, which is located in the Pelly River valley, in central Yukon Territory, Canada. DVG has a student population of less than 100, to match the equally small population of the town, but still runs a number of excellent programs, thanks to both the hard-working teachers and community volunteers. We have one well-maintained and well-equiped gym with a stage and lights. We also have a science lab, Industrial Arts shop, and Home Economics kitchen/classroom, and a computer lab with a large number of computers.

Anyway, whether newcomer or resident, check out the site, read what our students have to say, see what's happening here in Faro, or just generally wander around.

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